Elevate your culinary skills with our premium copper cookware collection, meticulously crafted to deliver exceptional heat conductivity, durability, and timeless style to your kitchen.


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Copper Cook's WhiskCopper Cook's Whisk
Copper Cook's Whisk Sale price€50,00
Copper Pot Scrubbers
Copper Pot Scrubbers Sale price€10,00
Copper Bain-MarieCopper Bain-Marie
Copper Bain-Marie Sale priceFrom €455,00
Copper Egg BowlCopper Egg Bowl
Copper Egg Bowl Sale price€245,00
Petite Copper Saucepan - 9 cmPetite Copper Saucepan - 9 cm
Petite Copper Saucepan - 9 cm Sale price€155,00
French Copper Confiture Pot
French Copper Confiture Pot Sale price€595,00
Copperware Cleaning PolishCopperware Cleaning Polish
Copperware Cleaning Polish Sale priceFrom €25,00
Copper Oval Fry Pan
Copper Oval Fry Pan Sale priceFrom €355,00
Copper Oval Gratin Pan - 35 cmCopper Oval Gratin Pan - 35 cm
Copper Oval Gratin Pan - 35 cm Sale price€445,00
Copper Soufflé Molds setCopper Soufflé Molds set
Copper Soufflé Molds set Sale price€390,00
Copper SauteuseCopper Sauteuse
Copper Sauteuse Sale priceFrom €345,00
Copper Round Gratin PanCopper Round Gratin Pan
Copper Round Gratin Pan Sale priceFrom €205,00
Copper Strainer
Copper Strainer Sale price€125,00
Copper Oval Gratin Pan - 40 cmCopper Oval Gratin Pan - 40 cm
Copper Oval Gratin Pan - 40 cm Sale price€755,00
Copper Oval Gratin Pan - 30 cmCopper Oval Gratin Pan - 30 cm
Copper Oval Gratin Pan - 30 cm Sale price€355,00
Copper Saucepan - 20 cmCopper Saucepan - 20 cm
Copper Saucepan - 20 cm Sale price€685,00
Copper Rectangular Roasting Pan - 35 cmCopper Rectangular Roasting Pan - 35 cm
Copper Round Fry pan - 20 cm
Copper Round Fry pan - 20 cm Sale price€365,00
Copper Tatin PanCopper Tatin Pan
Copper Tatin Pan Sale price€175,00
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Copper Mold with MotifCopper Mold with Motif
Copper Mold with Motif Sale price€225,00

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