Like our copper cookware collection, we have a soft spot for our unique set of copper garden tools. Sustainable, well-made and long lasting, these garden tools are created using traditional methods and are handcrafted by a family of artisan coppersmiths here in Europe. Copper gardening tools enhance the soil and impart essential nutrients and minerals to growing plants. We take immense pleasure in using these tools each season in our growing kitchen garden. As our kitchen garden continues to flourish, we are sure to add even more beautiful, unique items for the kitchen gardener.


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Copper SpadeCopper Spade
Copper Spade Sale price€250,00
Copper Border ForkCopper Border Fork
Copper Border Fork Sale price€250,00
Copper ShovelCopper Shovel
Copper Shovel Sale price€250,00
Copper EdgerCopper Edger
Copper Edger Sale price€185,00
Copper Swing HoeCopper Swing Hoe
Copper Swing Hoe Sale price€165,00
Copper CultivatorCopper Cultivator
Copper Cultivator Sale price€125,00
Copper Draw HoeCopper Draw Hoe
Copper Draw Hoe Sale price€125,00
Copper Dutch HoeCopper Dutch Hoe
Copper Dutch Hoe Sale price€125,00
Vintage SecateursVintage Secateurs
Vintage Secateurs Sale price€125,00
Copper Watering CanCopper Watering Can
Copper Watering Can Sale priceFrom €120,00
Copper RakeCopper Rake
Copper Rake Sale priceFrom €115,00
Copper Diamond Head HoeCopper Diamond Head Hoe
Copper Diamond Head Hoe Sale price€115,00
Copper Hand RakeCopper Hand Rake
Copper Hand Rake Sale price€85,00
Copper Hand HoeCopper Hand Hoe
Copper Hand Hoe Sale price€80,00
Copper DibberCopper Dibber
Copper Dibber Sale price€80,00
Copper Diamond Head Hand HoeCopper Diamond Head Hand Hoe
Copper Diamond Head Hand Hoe Sale price€80,00
Copper Hand CultivatorCopper Hand Cultivator
Copper Hand Cultivator Sale price€75,00
Copper Hand PickCopper Hand Pick
Copper Hand Pick Sale price€75,00
Copper Dandelion WeederCopper Dandelion Weeder
Copper Dandelion Weeder Sale price€75,00
Copper Hand TrowelCopper Hand Trowel
Copper Hand Trowel Sale price€55,00

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