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Equip your kitchen with our collection of essential cook's tools, crafted for efficiency, durability, and ease of use, to help you achieve perfect results every time.


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Grand Madeleine Pan
Grand Madeleine Pan Sale price€15,00
Lemon Reamer in Beechwood
Lemon Reamer in Beechwood Sale price€10,00
Utility Kitchen Knife "Noir"
Utility Kitchen Knife "Noir" Sale price€50,00
Bee's Wax Birthday CandlesBee's Wax Birthday Candles
Bee's Wax Birthday Candles Sale price€15,00
Confiture Spoon in Olive Wood
Cornichon Tongs in Olive WoodCornichon Tongs in Olive Wood
French Proofing Bread BasketFrench Proofing Bread Basket
French Proofing Bread Basket Sale priceFrom €50,00
The Cook's Atelier Market ToteThe Cook's Atelier Market Tote
The Cook's Atelier Market Tote Sale price€115,00
Baker's Tapered Rolling PinBaker's Tapered Rolling Pin
Baker's Tapered Rolling Pin Sale price€25,00
Classic Pastry Brush
Classic Pastry Brush Sale price€15,00
Cook's Spoon in BeechwoodCook's Spoon in Beechwood
Cook's Spoon in Beechwood Sale price€15,00
French Market BasketFrench Market Basket
French Market Basket Sale price€65,00
Vegetable Scrubber BrushVegetable Scrubber Brush
Vegetable Scrubber Brush Sale price€15,00
Copper Pot Scrubbers
Copper Pot Scrubbers Sale price€10,00
Curved Pastry BrushCurved Pastry Brush
Curved Pastry Brush Sale price€15,00
Honey Spoon in BoxwoodHoney Spoon in Boxwood
Honey Spoon in Boxwood Sale price€10,00
Kitchen ShearsKitchen Shears
Kitchen Shears Sale price€150,00
Olive Spoon in Olive WoodOlive Spoon in Olive Wood
Olive Spoon in Olive Wood Sale price€18,00
Petite Madeleine Tin
Petite Madeleine Tin Sale price€15,00
Salad Serving Set in Olive WoodSalad Serving Set in Olive Wood


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