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We pride ourselves in sourcing the most beautiful, high-quality items for the cook’s Kitchen and Home. Our products range from cook’s tools, copper cookware, beautiful linens, porcelain and earthenware, as well as provisions and one-of-a-kind vintage finds. We have no interest in collecting gadgets, but rather curating a collection of practical, well-made classic French and European professional-style kitchen tools and unique homewares sourced from artisans from around the world which can be passed on to generations.


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Sabatier "Nogent" Chef Knives 1960sSabatier "Nogent" Chef Knives 1960s
Sabatier "Nogent" Chef Knives 1960s Sale priceFrom €140,00
Mushroom BrushMushroom Brush
Mushroom Brush Sale price€20,00
Belgian Linen Kitchen TowelsBelgian Linen Kitchen Towels
Belgian Linen Kitchen Towels Sale price€30,00
Fluted Tart PansFluted Tart Pans
Fluted Tart Pans Sale priceFrom €12,00
French Linen Kitchen TowelFrench Linen Kitchen Towel
French Linen Kitchen Towel Sale price€25,00
Moutarde de Meaux de Pommery
Moutarde de Meaux de Pommery Sale price€15,00
Set of Handmade Cotton Dishcloths
Bonnat Milk Chocolate with Hazelnuts
Petite Brioche Tins
Petite Brioche Tins Sale price€18,00
Bonnat 'Madagascar' Chocolate
Grand Madeleine Pan
Grand Madeleine Pan Sale price€15,00
Lemon Reamer in Beechwood
Lemon Reamer in Beechwood Sale price€10,00
Utility Kitchen Knife "Noir"
Utility Kitchen Knife "Noir" Sale price€50,00
Sold out
Mezzaluna Sale price€300,00
The Cook's Atelier Fleur de Sel
Copper Bain-MarieCopper Bain-Marie
Copper Bain-Marie Sale priceFrom €455,00
Banyuls White Wine Muscat Vinegar
Bee's Wax Birthday CandlesBee's Wax Birthday Candles
Bee's Wax Birthday Candles Sale price€15,00
Confiture Spoon in Olive Wood
Cornichon Tongs in Olive WoodCornichon Tongs in Olive Wood

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