Caffè Indian Valley Nuggets

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Made in Italy

Quite possibly the best coffee in the world!

Laboratorio di Torrefazione Giamaica Caffè is one of Italy’s premier artisan coffee roasters. Roasting coffee in Verona, Italy since 1947, this small artisan coffee roaster continues to use its original roasting machine, making it one of the last torrefacteurs in the world to roast its own beans directly with an open flame. Found in only select top restaurants, cafés and gourmet shops around the world, Giamaica Caffè is all about small production. It produces as much coffee in a year as other ‘well-known coffee houses’ make in one day!

Dedicated to the highest level of artisanal quality, Giamaica Caffè roasts some of the most superb coffees and lives up to its reputation of satisfying the most sophisticated coffee connoisseurs’ palates. Built out of passion and great knowledge is an artisan company that has quite the secretive, yet magnetic appeal.

This coffee is a welcome addition to our Culinary Boutique and marries well with our vintage FAEMA 1957 coffee machine proudly displayed in our Wine Shop. Here at The Cook’s Atelier, we carry a variety of Giamaica Caffè, both ground and in whole beans. We serve daily in our boutique and wine shop as well as during our cooking workshops and dinner parties.

Please note, this artisan coffee roaster often changes the packaging. Exterior packaging may vary at different times.

Caffè Indian Valley Nugget in grani

Available in whole beans

500 grams - beans

“Extra Bold” Indian Valley Nuggets raise to sublime heights the extreme qualities of the finest Arabica coffee from the highlands of the Indian Peninsula, by virtue of careful selection of the best Mysore Plantation A beans. At 1,300 meters above sea level in the mountainous region of Karnataka, formerly known as Mysore, small producers have, for some years now, been growing, harvesting and selecting - all by hand - this washed coffee of rare perfection.

In the cup, this coffee is intense and creamy, with perfumes of fruit and incense. The initial sensations it yields are an intriguing mix of sweetness and the fragrance of spices. Its persistence on the palate is inexpressibly delicious.

Best enjoyed within 4 weeks once opened.


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