House Organic French Olive Oil

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Made in France

This organic extra virgin olive oil is AOC registered and is sourced from the Moulin du Haut-Jasson, a small family-run olive mill in Provence. This French olive oil is a blend of three varieties of organic olives - Bouteillan, Aglandau, and Cayon - from orchards certified as AOC Provence. The olives are picked early in autumn and fermented after harvest. This olive oil is treated carefully to ensure it is of the highest quality and is stored in stainless steel tanks to prevent any oxidation taking place.

Contains 700 ml.

This is our house olive oil here at The Cook’s Atelier. We love the simplicity of this olive oil and appreciate it’s quality. We use it daily for all types of cooking in the Atelier kitchen and are sure to have lots stocked up in our pantry.  We use organic extra-virgin, first-cold-pressed olive oil for everything, from sautéing meats and fish to making vinaigrette simply because it’s clean and in its pure state.  We often prefer the taste of a lighter, fruitier olive oil rather than a heavy, peppery one so it doesn’t overpower the dish.  


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