Sabatier "Nogent" Chef Knives 1960s

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Made in France

These antique chef and utility kitchen knives are considered “new vintage” items and were produced in the 1960s by a well-known small French company, K Sabatier. They are in perfect condition as they have never been used and have been stored until sale now at The Cook’s Atelier. There is only a small amount of these authentic and one-of-a-kind knives left. Each knife is unique and hand crafted with carbon steel for the blade and European black wood for the handle.

Available in three sizes:

Chef Knife 25 cm (large) - The blade measures 25 cm in length, 37 cm in total length.

Chef Knife 20 cm (medium) - The blade measures 20 cm in length, 31.5 cm in total length.

Utility Kitchen Knife 15 cm (small) - The blade measures 15 cm in length, 25 cm in total length.

Our collection of Sabatier knives are considered to be some of our favorite cook’s tools at The Cook’s Atelier and we proudly present these beauties for use during our cooking classes. Sharp and durable, the carbon steel blade will develop a natural patina over time. Be sure to take care of the knife by drying completely after washing and oil with carbon steel oil for the blade and natural mineral oil for the wooden handle. Each knife has been oiled to conserve its natural elements. Be sure to wash thoroughly the blade and handle before use.

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Size: Large


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