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Equip your kitchen with our collection of essential cook's tools, crafted for efficiency, durability, and ease of use, to help you achieve perfect results every time.


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Salad Serving Set in Olive WoodSalad Serving Set in Olive Wood
Copper Pot Scrubbers
Copper Pot Scrubbers Sale price€10,00
Curved Pastry BrushCurved Pastry Brush
Curved Pastry Brush Sale price€15,00
Classic Baker's Rolling PinClassic Baker's Rolling Pin
Classic Baker's Rolling Pin Sale price€30,00
Classic Bread Knife
Classic Bread Knife Sale price€60,00
Horn Marmelade SpoonHorn Marmelade Spoon
Horn Marmelade Spoon Sale price€25,00
Marble Mortar and PestleMarble Mortar and Pestle
Marble Mortar and Pestle Sale priceFrom €150,00
Aragon Kitchen KnifeAragon Kitchen Knife
Aragon Kitchen Knife Sale price€70,00
Olive Wood BoardOlive Wood Board
Olive Wood Board Sale price€65,00
Rolling Pastry CutterRolling Pastry Cutter
Rolling Pastry Cutter Sale price€10,00
Hand Forged Fry PanHand Forged Fry Pan
Hand Forged Fry Pan Sale priceFrom €195,00
Linen Twine
Linen Twine Sale price€12,00
Round Pot Scrubber
Round Pot Scrubber Sale price€25,00
Strainer - Chinois
Strainer - Chinois Sale price€125,00
Tamis Sale price€100,00
Truffle SlicerTruffle Slicer
Truffle Slicer Sale price€60,00
Classic Black Steel Madeleine PanClassic Black Steel Madeleine Pan
Classic Black Steel Madeleine Pan Sale priceFrom €40,00
Porcelain Terrine - SmallPorcelain Terrine - Small
Porcelain Terrine - Small Sale price€55,00
Sold out
Ricer Sale price€60,00
Porcelain Café au Lait BowlsPorcelain Café au Lait Bowls


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